[feil] 1. verb
1) (to be unsuccessful (in); not to manage (to do something): They failed in their attempt; I failed my exam; I failed to post the letter.) spodleteti
2) (to break down or cease to work: The brakes failed.) pokvariti se
3) (to be insufficient or not enough: His courage failed (him).) pustiti na cedilu
4) ((in a test, examination etc) to reject (a candidate): The examiner failed half the class.) vreči (na izpitu)
5) (to disappoint: They did not fail him in their support.) pustiti na cedilu
2. preposition
(if (something) fails or is lacking: Failing his help, we shall have to try something else.) brez
- without fail
* * *
I [feil]
intransitive verb
manjkati, ne zadostovati; prenehati, pešati, slabeti, slabšati se, ne moči; (in) ponesrečiti se, spodleteti, ne uspeti; pasti pri izpitu;
transitive verb
izneveriti se, razočarati, pustiti na cedilu; pustiti pasti (pri izpitu); ne imeti; doživeti denarni polom
to fail to come — ne priti
not to fail to do it — gotovo narediti
you cannot fail to find — gotovo boste našli
I fail to see — ne morem razumeti
to fail in duty — zanemarjati svojo dolžnost
to fail in one's word — besedo snesti
my heart has failed me — nisem imel dovolj poguma
his voice failed — glas mu je odpovedal
to fail in business — propasti, bankrotirati
the prophesy failed — napoved se ni izpolnila
II [feil]
see failure, neuspeh; napaka; nesrečnik, -nica
without fail — čisto gotovo

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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